Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I like Adrienne Bailon. There's something about her spunky personality and impeccable fashion sense that has endeared her to me all these years. Plus, I watched MTVs Empire Girls religously. Man, I hate it that that show wasn't renewed for another season. Oh wells..

Fact: I've never read a single issue of Latina magazine, but I try to grab all the September issues of fashion and beauty-based glossies. And I will definitely be adding them to the list this season!

What do you think of Bailon's fresh face and blinged-out cover ensemble?

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

So remember a few weeks back when I said I was working on rebranding elements and a few new projects to add to my repertoire? Well, I'd like to introduce you all to Whimsy by EWB, an online print shop dedicated to celebrating the written word! 

I've curated a visual treasure trove of some of my favorite quotes, places, song lyrics and quips I  keep close to my heart. Hopefully you'll find something (or many things!) that will tickle your fancy.

"Emergency" Print
Because what woman wouldn't grab her shoes first?

"Fancy" Print 
Sometimes this is the only way to describe how you're feeling. 

"Chic" Print | $13
My ode to fly French fashion. 
"Wisdom" Print 
Words to live by. 

"Dreams" Print 
Wiser words have never been spoken. 
"Flawless" Print 
How do you wake up? 

"BK Go Hard" Print 
Hipsters and Hot Boys unite in this borough. 

"Alley Cat" Print 
The ultimate dance floor challenge. 

Check the online shop for more prints . . . I'm creating like a mad lady 
and adding new ones regularly (i.e. daily).

All prints are $13 (some customizable!) and available to purchase via PayPal. 
Questions or orders? Email 

Thanks in advance for your support!

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Photo courtesy of

I'm currently obsessed with all things Parisian, especially this bright and cheery yellow Saint Louis PM tote by Goyard. I first came to notice this brand of French handbags while interviewing Cassandra Connors of the popular luxury consignment site BellaBag, as she listed it as a "must have" accessory on her list of faves. And yesterday while hanging out by the pool, I spotted the SL tote on a very stylish (and very handsome) fella, using it to carry his sunning essentials and a couple bottles of vodka. My kind of guy.

Here are some shots of the Goyard brand in action.


Via Pinterest

Baddie Bey pictured in front of some MAH-JOR Goyard luggage

Cardholder via The Rebel Cavalier

I'm not a big label/insignia wearer, but I really like the subtle logo and geometric designs of this line of luxe bags and luggage.

I saving up my little pennies for a big splurge for my birthday, so maybe this dream will become a reality soon! Are you currently obsessing over any luxe "it" bags? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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