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7 Great Uses for Rosewater.

I've been using rosewater as part of my daily beauty ritual going on half a decade now and I must say, I'm a huge fan. Not only is it great as an au natural makeup remover, it's also the perfect on-the-go skin refresher when my face feels like it might implode from all the sweat, dirt and debris that accumulates by the end of the day. But did you know there are a ton of other uses for this miracle beauty water. Here are 7 ways to incorporate rosewater in your day-to-day health and beauty regimen:

1. To Treat sunburn: dab a bit on to feel immediately relief from the stings of the sun.

2. As Toner: Spray or swipe on to reblance your skin's pH levels and prep skin before applying moisturizer.

3. As Insect bite relief: self-explanatory

4. As a skin hydrator: Stick a bottle in the fridge and spray on when your skin is in desparate need of a pick-me-up

5. For oil control: I've always had an oily T zone. With just the swipe of a cotton ball, this definitely helps keep the grease at bay.

6. As a frizz fighter: Here's a great recipe to create your own hair tonic!

7. As a room refresher: I add half a cup of rosewater to my cool mist humidifier to tackle stale odors in cramped spaces (think half bath, closet).

Do you use rosewater? What are some of your favorite uses for this natural beauty cure-all?


Walk On By.

Fact: there are certain things you will start to obsess over when you become a homeowner. My obsession of choice—welcome mats. Sounds random and ridiculous, right? But hear me out.

A welcome mat is the first thing people see when they arrive at your front door. It sets the tone for the kind of vibe one can expect once they cross the threshold into your domain. You can choose to be all fancy and formal with a monogram or say it like you mean it with a demand  recommendation for food and liquor. I tend to roll with the latter. Like these . . .

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airstream dreams.

I'm completely fascinated by the whole tiny living concept, as it certainly appeals to the hermit crab side of my personality. I often look around our house and wonder, "When did I accumulate so much stuff? Do I even use half of this crap?" (That's a post for another day).

While I'm not totally ready to downsize to 300 sqft or less of space (my husband is 6'1", after all), I do think it would be totally badass to restore an old school Airstream trailer and turn it into a mobile office, business or something equally quirky cool.