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As Seen on TV: Ted Baker London "Bessh" Top

Today I took a quick trip to Bloomingdales to check out their pre-sale goodies...and they didn't disappoint! I found a couple great things that I'm going back to pick up on Friday once the sale actually starts, especially in the Ted Baker section!

There were great dresses, skirts and accessories...all at a discount. But this little baby below is what caught my eye:

Ted Baker London "Bessh" Tee | $99

Coincidentally, I also spotted the top on last night's episode of Tia & Tamera in the scene where Tamera and her BFF Andrea were out dining in Napa. I thought to myself, "That shirt is pretty cute!" . . . so imagine my surprise when I saw it on the rack this afternoon! My eyes immediately lit up! So I figure that seeing the top on TV the night before and then spotting it in store means I have to get it, right? It's fate!

Can you see the sleeve detail poking out from the rack? It's in yellow and aqua.

Sidebar: I would've taken more photos, but companies like Bloomies and Neiman's strictly forbid the use of photography in-store (learned this embarassing valuable lesson while working on assignment with Deborah Lippmann). **kanye shrug**

Not sure how much the top will be once the pre-sale starts. But if it's under $50, consider it sold.

2 comments on "As Seen on TV: Ted Baker London "Bessh" Top"
  1. I noticed that top last night on Tia & Tamera too! That is fate that you spotted it today, good catch!