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Crocodile Lady: F21 Faux Croco Bowler

I was strolling through the mall this afternoon during lunch and I couldn't help but to take a peek inside Forever 21. {Truth moment: Although I am clearly over the age 21 (ahem, just a tad) and quite possibly their target demographic, F21 is still one of my fave stores for of-the-moment items.} I don't believe in paying lots of money on trendy pieces, so this store is a great option for conscientious fashion fans.

I can usually leave with one or two fun itemes under $20 bucks whenever I stop in, but today's buy is in a whole.'notha.stratosphere.

Introducing: The Faux Croco Bowler | $26.80

I've been saying for months now that I want need a new bag. Nothing too elaborate or expensive, but something trendy and ladylike that can hold my phone, makeup bag(s), a pair of flats and a sundry other items that most 9-to-5 gals keep on them at all times.

And this beauty hits the nail on the head.

Pros: The bag is roomy, the color is great (comes in black, too), the bowler style is classic chic, and the hardware is gold and shiny...just how I like it. I can wear it to work, to church and a nice dinner out with The Mr.

Cons: Not sure how long the stitching will keep up. I saw the thread unraveling on a couple of the display bags.

But not for nothing, the bag is only $26 dollars. So if you ruin it, you won't be too pissed about it. For the summer season, consider it a winner.

Croc on.

2 comments on "Crocodile Lady: F21 Faux Croco Bowler"
  1. Cute bag, but did you see any cute accessories? I love F21 accessories.

    1. I did. That's actually what I stopped in for...to grab a necklace for a meeting tomorrow. But the bag had me mesmerized and I forgot all about shopping for jewelry :(