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Maxi Skirts, Mimosas and Me: An Introduction

Hello, loves! My name is Erin and I am a former print journalist turned wedding blogger/social media manager with a crazy obsession with shopping. My wallet, on the other hand, is not so obsessed. So I started this blog, Brains of the Outfit, as an outlet to share with the world (OK, "the world" is pushing it a little bit) my budding hobby of searching for "luxe for less."

I've always loved clothes, but everything took a drastic turn after I lost a ton weight before and after my November 2011 wedding. I was re-introdued to boutique shopping and realized you really don't have to spend a lot of money to look good. It's crazy . . . all these years I've been forking over my hard earned cash to buy pieces that I would either never wear, give away, or keep in the back of my closet because I thought it blended well with my other wares (don't judge). But today is a new day. I have shaken that full-price retail monkey off my back and have been freed to live a life of discretionary fabulousness (cue the dramatic horns)!

A few things before we get started:

(1.) I am not nor have I ever claimed to be a fashionista (or any other kind of "nista" for that matter). I'm just a gal who loves good clothes . . . especially good clothes on sale.

(2.) I am not a self-appointed expert on style. I know what looks good on me and my body type, so that's what my posts will consist of. I do, however, love to share good finds with anyone who will listen. If that makes me an "expert," then so be it.

(3.) I am a newlywed (yaay!). Therefore, you will also see lots of pics of "The Mr.," as I think his Southern-man style is too cute for words!

(4.) I love a good cocktail. Please don't be surprised (or offended, Mr. and Mrs. Teetotaler) if you see a few drink recipes (or photos of me drinking) here on BOTO as well.

(5.) I'm a licensed manicurist. You'll be seeing lots of nail art posts and beauty hauls. Trust.

(6.) Lastly, this blog is just an outlet for my creativity. It's a fun place for me to be silly and post photos of clothes and product...therefore, it's a negativity-free zone!

So follow my journey as I shop, work through my issues of buyer's remorse (baby steps), and post on the things I love.

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