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iWant: Stylish Flats

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I hate wearing heels. Over the years my collection of stilettos and platforms has been replaced by wedges and more pedestrian-friendly footwear.  At one point (in my early twenties, natch), I wouldn't have been caught dead in anything less than a 4 inch heel. Today, I've smartened up and realized that you can have shoes that are stylish and low to the ground. Here are some skimmers, ballet flats and smoking loafers that I've got my eye on for fall.

Polka Dot Sidewalk Skimmer, $98 | Madewell.com

"Viv" Patent Flats, $188 | J.Crew

"Christina" B&W Skimmer, $79 | Shoemint.com

 Ballerina Metal Cap-Toe, $29 | Zara.com

Topshop "Manney" Slippers in Dalmatian | Topshop.com

1 comment on "iWant: Stylish Flats"
  1. I love the polka dot and ballerina metal cap ones. They are CUTE!