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All in the Jeans

Finding a good pair of denim is like finding gold! One reason why you can always catch me in a dress is because most jeans tend to make my body look horribly unattractive. I'm 5"5, I've got a short torso and a bit of a pudge in the middle (was that an overshare?). So most designers are not checking for my kind. But, for the few pairs I have in my closet, they work well and I will continue to rotate them out as needed. So if you're a bit of a squatty body like me, this post is just for you! A list of a few of my favorite jeans that are great for just about any and every body type.

Old Navy "Rock Star Super Skinny" Jeans | Oldnavy.com 

Pilcro and The Letterpress "Stet" Slim Bootcut | Anthropologie.com 

H&M &slim Jean | HM.com 

Banana Republic Indigo Wash Denim Trousers | BananaRepublic.com

What are some of your favorite denim styles and brands?

2 comments on "All in the Jeans"
  1. My FAVORITE pair of jeans is Old Navy's Dreamer Boot Cut and the darn store is discontinuing the style. They have a low rise with extra room in the thigh and an extra bit of stretch in the tummy area. EVERYTIME I wear them I get so many compliments. I own them in Chrissie and Rinse B color and they are on sale right now for $19. You know how I'm shaped and these jeans fit me PERFECTLY!

    1. I hope you stockpile before they're all gone! I hate when that happens!