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South Beach Bound...

I'm leaving Friday for a quick weekend getaway to Miami for a little R&R. I'm always excited to travel, but not so much for packing. I'll admit, when it comes to packing for vacation, I'm the worst (and the Mr. is pretty bad himself!). No matter if it's a week's worth of luxuriating or a quick 2-day jaunt, I always want to throw in everything but the kitchen sink (and then complain that my luggage is too heavy). So this time, I'm taking a proactive approach and pre-planning a packing strategy. Here's what I think I'll need for South Beach

  • A maxi dress
  • 2 Pairs of shoes (heels/wedges and cute flat sandals)
  • A funky hat
  • A chic pair of sunnies
  • A cute crossbody bag (for schlepping through the airport)
  • A fly bikini
  • A comfy but sexy caftan
  • Lots of bronzer!
  • A great travel duffle to carry it all in

So what do you guys think? Am I missing anything?


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2 comments on "South Beach Bound..."
  1. Don't forget your checklist. You know your mom used to make us do that when we were younger and I never pack without it now. That darn woman! Lol.

    1. I've got a mental rundown of outfits in my head, but I do need to get them down on paper.

      As for mama...sigh. There are a number of OCD-like things I do now thanks to her :(