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Worth the Splurge? {Rebecca Taylor Sheepskin Runway Booties}

While I might skimp and save on disposable fashion trends, a good boot is one item I will throw serious cash at. And for fall 2012, I think this boot is a possible contender for "Who Gets Erin's Money?"

So how do I justify the price tag? A good boot should last you at least 10 years/seasons...especially if it's made with quality leathers and other materials like brass hardware, fur details, etc. So divide that price tag and it's like paying only $60/a year. And with a boot this cute, you'll get plenty wears out of it. Totally worth the splurge! 

Hey, if you don't like my math, it's OK. At least tell me what's your ceiling for a great pair of boots?


1 comment on "Worth the Splurge? {Rebecca Taylor Sheepskin Runway Booties}"
  1. $600 is entirely too much to pay for something that's going to constantly hit the ground and damage underneath. My ceiling is $250 and that's not until my youngest is out of college. You're young and Teddy practically takes care of himself. Go for it if you like them!