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Jill Scott Covers October 2012 Issue of Essence Magazine

Photo courtesy of Essence Magazine
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this cover is worth a million! Bravo, Essence Magazine, for capturing Ms. Jilly from Philly in one of the most flattering photos I've seen of her to date. I love the fact that she's such a chameleon when it comes to her fashion and hairstyle choices. But with all the change ups, you almost forget to focus on just how gorgeous her skin is and beautiful her features are!

Plus, everything about this cover makes me want to throw some serious money toward updating my fall wardrobe (marketing goal -- accomplished!). The nails, the makeup, that AH-MAZING statement necklace...I want it all!

Sounds off on your thoughts!

5 comments on "Jill Scott Covers October 2012 Issue of Essence Magazine"
  1. I absolutely love it. This cover goes up there with Michelle Obama's covers for Essence. Look at the way that jacket slims the waistline. A must have!

    1. Can't wait to get my issue to find those cover credits. I need that necklace!

  2. Yes this is probably one of the best photos I've seen of her! The styling, hair etc all look great! Brava Essence and Jill!

  3. This is a beautiful cover photo. I love how she makes basic pieces in black and charcoal look UNBELIEVABLE. Now that I think about it, it's probably more her confidence showing and less the clothes. Great post, Ms. Erin!