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Transitional Pieces: Old Navy Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a staple in my wardrobe. They're the best for a "throw on with flats/sandals and go" look. Sadly, most of my maxis are made of sheer, summery materials with racerback or sleeveless motifs. So they've been relegated to my "warm weather" bins that sit high above a shelf in the 3rd bedroom closet.

But...lucky for me, I recently ran across this post for one of my favorite bloggers, Lacey of A Lacey Perspective, and her blue maxi dress immediately caught my eye! The 3/4 length sleeves and rayon material are perfect for fall months. Throw on tights, a cute cropped jacket, oversize scarf and you're all set!

Tie-belt Maxi Dress, $37 | OldNavy.com


How to Wear it to Work: Leather Skinnies


My closet is filled to the brim with what I like to call "fun clothes." Cocktail dresses, sequin tops, embellished cardigans, silk jumpers, harem pants...you name it. If it's flashy or it looks like a great option for New Year's Eve, I got it.

Problem is:

A.) I don't work in high fashion where it's expected to come to the office as though you just stepped off the runway.


B.) I have way more "fun" pieces than I do "work-appropriate" pieces, which creates a bit of a struggle in the mornings when I just want to roll out of bed late and create a "grab and go" look.

So my latest conundrum, these leather-effect leggings, are begging to take a ride with me to the workplace.

Zara Rubberized Leather-Effect | Zara.com 

So how do I wear leather without looking like a party girl?

Three steps.

1.) Add a subtle "grown-up" blouse to the mix: The pant is the focal point. For balance, add a blouse in a romantic/flowy fabric with a pop of color. No embellishments on the top, though. Leave that for after-work cocktails.

T. Babaton "Bergen Blouse" | Aritzia.com

2.) Throw on a blazer: A simple, single-button blazer adds a touch of sophistication to EVERYTHING!

Single-button Blazer | MissSelfridge.com

3.) Nix the heels: Opt for a dressier skimmer or flat. (Perhaps, one with a cute ankle strap!) Shoes (especially heels) can often steal the show when it comes to your ensemble. You want your footwear to compliment, not crowd, the look.

Viv Patent Flats | JCrew.com

And voila!



NYC Bridal Fashion Week: Day 1

Tired. But well worth it.

Minaudière Madness

Take notes on today's French lesson, kiddies.

A small decorative case for carrying small articles (as cosmetics or jewelry).


New York Bridal Fashion Week {Join Me!}


Monday Night Shoe Love...

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Take a Stand: ReadOn for Early Childhood Literacy!

Reading has always been a big part of my life. As a small child, books were the gateway to far off lands and places I could only dream of visiting. it was also a way to connect with my grandmother, who was an avid reader and would take me to the library regularly as her solution to combat my bouts of restlessness. With that library card, she gave me a gift. One that would set the stage for life-long eduction and spark my interest for a future career in journalism.

Who can imagine a life without knowing the words of Hemingway and Faulkner, Didion and DeLillo, or access to their great works? Literacy is the difference between a world filled with pure imagination--where any and everything is possible . . . and one devoid of the understanding of the complexities behind the human condition and the ever-amazing tenacity of the human spirit. It is our obligation as a community to support and encourage our young to grow and think and soar to new heights. One of the best ways in doing so is through early childhood literary.

With your help, we can develop strong, young minds for better critical thinking and human compassion. Through our ReadOn campaign, we challenge you to share with us your favorite childhood book and the impact it has had on your life. You can submit your story to us via Facebook or email them to us and we will post to our ASP Blog and Twitter channel to share with our followers (hastag: #ReadOn). Who knows, your story could be the one to open the eyes, ears and imagination of a child. Share with us today!


Instagram Life: Vegas Edition (vol. I)

I'm in sunny Las Vegas for a conference with my FTJ. Work has been all consuming so the most I have time for is photo posts. But don't fret! I have a wonderful schedule of posts coming up in about a week that you will go gaga for!

But in the meantime, check out a few of my Vegas snaps...