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How to Wear it to Work: Leather Skinnies


My closet is filled to the brim with what I like to call "fun clothes." Cocktail dresses, sequin tops, embellished cardigans, silk jumpers, harem pants...you name it. If it's flashy or it looks like a great option for New Year's Eve, I got it.

Problem is:

A.) I don't work in high fashion where it's expected to come to the office as though you just stepped off the runway.


B.) I have way more "fun" pieces than I do "work-appropriate" pieces, which creates a bit of a struggle in the mornings when I just want to roll out of bed late and create a "grab and go" look.

So my latest conundrum, these leather-effect leggings, are begging to take a ride with me to the workplace.

Zara Rubberized Leather-Effect | Zara.com 

So how do I wear leather without looking like a party girl?

Three steps.

1.) Add a subtle "grown-up" blouse to the mix: The pant is the focal point. For balance, add a blouse in a romantic/flowy fabric with a pop of color. No embellishments on the top, though. Leave that for after-work cocktails.

T. Babaton "Bergen Blouse" | Aritzia.com

2.) Throw on a blazer: A simple, single-button blazer adds a touch of sophistication to EVERYTHING!

Single-button Blazer | MissSelfridge.com

3.) Nix the heels: Opt for a dressier skimmer or flat. (Perhaps, one with a cute ankle strap!) Shoes (especially heels) can often steal the show when it comes to your ensemble. You want your footwear to compliment, not crowd, the look.

Viv Patent Flats | JCrew.com

And voila!


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