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Inauguration Nails: Beyonce's Bright Orange Manicure

It's no secret that I'm a card-carying member of the Beyhive. I've been a Beyonce fan since high school, and I don't see myself giving up my obsession love for her any time soon.

So of course I had to do my research to find out what nail color she was wearing during yesterday's Presidential Inauguration (where she belted out the National Anthem for dear life!)

And here it is . . .

NCLA is a really cool brand of polishes and nail wraps (see my previous post about them HERE). I actually own a few bottles of this California-based polish line and the color selection is amazing .  . .  and totally worth the $16 price tag. (Trust me.)

And since Queen Bey chose this as her go-to color for Prez O.'s big day, expect this shade to start flying off the shelves in a matter of moments. Get it while the getting is good!

To view more polish colors and nail wrap products, visit ShopNCLA.com.



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2 comments on "Inauguration Nails: Beyonce's Bright Orange Manicure"
  1. WOW what a great post! Yes I love the emerald earrings that Beyonce wore and her nail polish. The pop of color paid off!

    1. I loved those earrings too! The contrast of black, green and orange was very chic.