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Vision Boards: Manifest Your Destiny!

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to what I want for my life, my career and my marriage in 2013. After having lunch with a new friend on Saturday, she suggested I get down and dirty with a vision board. Boasting the awesome power of visualization and speaking things into existence, she had me sold...hook line and sinker. So immediately after our outing, I scoured Pinterest, pulled out all my old magazines and busied myself with clipping and finding great quotes that spoke to my heart and my desires.

Fast forward to Sunday night.

After watching a few episodes of GIRLS season 1, I began to think about the show's main character,  26-year-old actor, writer, and filmmaker, Lena Dunham. Girlfriend is now a MAH-JOR Hollywood darling, and last October, she signed a $3.7 million book deal. Did I mention she's only 26? I'm sure she's worked her tail off and sacrificed a few things to get where she is today. But I couldn't help but to think of the path she took to get there....and the plans she set forth for herself.

So I took to my dining room table with the courageous spirit of Lena Dunham, and mapped out my life's dream to manifiest for 2013. Here's what I got:

Taaa friggin daa!

Did you create a vision/inspiration/manifestation board for the new year? What are your dreams and goals and how are you preparing to see them through? Leave a comment for me below!



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