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Is it Spring Yet?

I've had just about enough of these recent rainy, cold days. So much so that I've added at least five Caribbean vacations to my shopping cart on Jetsetter.com. Not to mention, winter weather puts me in nesting mode--big time. It's been weeks days since I last stepped foot inside the gym...which makes for a grumpy, carb-craving EWB.

And while my current disposition could use some sunnier skies, I'm getting my springtime fix by spying fun, airy skirts and tanks with bright and cheery accessories until the weather breaks. Like these:

Credits: 1/2/3/4/5/6

Wake me when it's spring.



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2 comments on "Is it Spring Yet?"
  1. Chile, those shoes gave me life. I'm for bows. I'm here for that!

  2. Me too, ma'am. I just want Steve to lower that price, just a smidge.