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If you're a 9-to-5er like me, then your weekend starts today! Kick your feet up and enjoy some good reading on your days off:

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I've been itching to try this DIY dip dye t-shirt project I saw on the Anthropologie blog a few weeks ago. I'll be the first to admit, I'm seriously not the DIY blogger type. I get bored, confused, frustrated and pissed off way to quickly to commit to seeing a project the entire way through. Especially with the documentation part. So, after having a long talk with myself, I decided to give this one a shot. And if you don't mind, I'd like to toot my horn, because I think I did a pretty bang up job!

See below:

Le tools: 

You'll need to gather the following supplies to start your dye job:

1. T-shirt (I used an old soffe T that I used to work out in.)         
2. Rit Dye in color of your choice
3. Glass bowl (Use glass so the dye will wash out completely.)   
4. Laundry detergent
5. Plastic or wooden spoon
6. Tea Kettle (to boil water)
7. Latex Gloves                   

Step 1: Add dye to a glass bowl

Step 2: Add half gallon of hot water to dye. Mix well.

Step 3: Add laundry detergent to dye mix.

Step 4: Wet T-shirt up to the point where the fade will begin, wring excess water well. Then, dip t-shirt in the dye solution for 30 seconds, then remove and wring excess water. Repeat dips from section to section, creating a gradual fade.
(*Tip: I used my hand to pat a little dye water on the white area where I wanted my dye to appear lighter.)

Step 5: Once finished with dip dye, wring T-shirt under warm water until color runs and only clear water remains. 

And voila!

I love the way this shirt turned out. Keep in mind, I used a Soffe Burnout Tee, which gives off a textured, pebbly appearance. But, you can also recreate this look with a plain white tee or tank as well. 

So, what do you think of my DIY dip dye project? Would you try this? Leave a comment for me below!

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Head to Toe: Aritzia

When I saw this graphic tee at Aritzia quoting a line from one of my absolute favorite rap songs, I knew we were meant to be. So to keep in line with the West Coast tribute, I paired it with some equally cool pieces that definitely give off a laid back, summertime in L.A. vibe.

Palm trees not included.

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bronzers v2
Credits: {1.} Physicians Formula Bronze Booster, $16 | {2.} NARS the Multiple in Palm Beach, $39
{3.} Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, $39 | {4.} Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, $26

Show of hands: who here is obsessed with bronzers? Ok, good...I'm not the only one. Nothing looks better on medium to dark skin tones than a gorgeous sunkissed glow! When summer hits you'll definitely find one of the four products above in my makeup bag at all times.  Each option serves a special purpose (shimmer, setting powder, etc.) and packs a powerful punch when highlighting cheeks and the bridge of your nose.

Are you looking for your "perfect" bronzer? What are some of your go-to products for bronzed skin? Leave a comment for me below!

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I haven't done a style siren post in what seems like forever. So what better way to re-introduce the segment than by featuring my blogger buddy, personal Twitter comedienne and go-to food critic, Dee Dee C.  Read on!

Name: Dee Dee (or you might know her as Miss Foodie Fab)
Location: Atlanta, GA
Occupation: Registered Nurse 


Personal Style 
My personal style is All American. I call my style All American because although I love fashion, I tend to keep my fashion risks low. I will incorporate trends, as they come, but I prefer to say classic and wear what I like and makes me feel comfortable.

Smartest/Most Amazing Purchase 
 An over sized leopard print clutch from ASOS. When I first purchased it I wanted to immediately send it back because I thought it made me look bigger as a plus sized woman. However, something told me to keep it. To this day whenever I step out with the clutch under my arm, I have people ask me if they can have it. The purchase taught me to take a chance and not to dictate my fashion or style on what I think may not be for a plus sized woman.

Favorite Item of Clothing 
 I have a pair of Rockstar black skinny jeans from Old Navy that I love to death, and wear all the time. I should probably stop wearing them so much, but they go with everything and they make my tushy look great. 

What Makes Your Style So Unique? 
 My personality. Anyone can be fashionable or trendy, but I believe what I wear is secondary to who I am. Whether I'm in jeans or a cocktail dress, I let my personality speak. And, my personality is quite unique. 

Style philosophy?
 Cocoa Chanel said my style philosophy best, "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."


If you're not already following Dee Dee on Twitter, please do so now (@MissFoodieFab). Your days will be filled with laughter....and lots of photos of delicious food. Trust! And be sure to check out her fun-filled blog at MissFoodieFab.com 

Are you interested in being featured as a Style Siren? Email me at brainsoftheoutfit {at} gmail {dot} com.  

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of working on a photo shoot with the amazingly talented Christina Conrad of Photo Says Hello. I was asked to help style accessories (and a little prop styling!) for her client, Ann Parker, an equally amazing graphic designer and the talent behind the design and branding shop, Grit and Wit, as she snapped images for Ann's website and re-branding efforts.

We shot on location at The Goat Farm in West Midtown and it was the perfect backdrop for Ann's effortlessly cool style. See a few of our behind the scenes images below!

Gorgeous stone cuffs by Judith Bright.

As seen on Ann (middle) Stella & Dot "Campari" Necklace.
A special thank you to Leslie at Judith Bright for the amazing baubles, and Eboné for the gorgeous Stella & Dot pieces as well! Can't wait to see how the pro shots turn out!

Need help for photo shoot styling or closet editing? Hire me for my styling services! See more information here!

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Last night I made a stop inside Joe's Jeans in Phipps Plaza (Hi, Scott!) and was THISCLOSE to going home with this cute denim shortall.

Shortall, $235

But due to a MAJORLY UNFORTUNATE series of events, Wells Fargo decided to play keep away with my money and flag all my recent spending. Therefore, I couldn't get my check card to swipe. Can you say, embarrassed?! (When I tell you guys I should have reality show cameras following me around, I'm not joking.)

Perhaps it was a miracle in disguise. Because clearly the price tag on this shortall is equal to that iPad mini I've been wanting or a new camera for my OOTD posts. So instead of making an impulse purchase, I'm leaving it in store...for now.

In the meantime, here are some picks that are just as cute, but for much less than what Joe is charging.

Jumper, Victoria's Secret, $30

Rag & Bone Denim Jumper, 193 (sale), MadisonLosAngeles.com

Blank NYC Denim Jumper, $118, Karmaloop.com

Chambray Romper, $25, Forever21.com

What do you think about these less pricey picks? Are you feeling the denim jumper trend? Leave a comment for me below!

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