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mascara base

I'm willing to try anything once. And for today's Beauty Tuesday feature, I'm going to review Lancome's 'Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base ($24). I purchased a tube of their Definicils Mascara and received the base as a gift with purchase, which I was completely ecstatic about. I figured this would be the answer to achieving lush, beautiful lashes!

So, here are a few with and without images to show you what really happened once I used mascara base for the first time.

As you can see, the 'Cils Base did a great job of lengthening and separating my lashes before applying coats of mascara. So far, the base is winning.

Now, here is where things get a little tricky. The photo on the left is a God-awful mess. My lashes are super clumpy and extremely sparse. I was sure to follow the directions and waited a few minutes to let the base coat dry before applying my mascara, but as you can see, it didn't work out so well.

As you can see, the photo on the right gives me a much better look when applied with mascara only. Lashes still need fanning out for fullness, but the length is pretty good. Plus, it's nothing that an eyelash curler can't fix.

So far, I'm on the fence about the 'Cils Base. It could totally be a user error, but I'm not liking the way my lashes clumped up with just two coats of mascara.  And furthermore, Definicils is an amazing product that works great on its own.

Me, wearing two coats of Definicils w/ no base.

 I'll probably try this application one more time to make a final decision. But I want to know: have you used a mascara base before? If so, what was the outcome? Do you love it or can you do without it? Leave a comment for me below!

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  1. You know what? You're right! The only thing is that it leaves behind a white film. Maybe I'll test to see if the film absorbs into lashes once it's good and dry. Thanks for your comment, Elle!