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If you've ever come to this blog, then you know how frickin' fanatical I am about Beyonce. This weekend, I got to experience her in concert . . and witness the power of the Beyhive.

It was magical.

It was powerful.

It was ethereal.

It was life-changing.

I even shed a few tears like those crazy late 80s Eastern European Michael Jackson concert goers. Yes, I was that person.

But even in my Queen Bey haze, I still had some wits about me. Just a few. And throughout the night, I kept asking myself lots of questions regarding how a show of this magnitude can take place night after night, city after city, continent after continent.

So here are 21 questions for you, Bey. Feel free to have your people email me with answers.

1. How does she get in and out of costumes so quickly?
2. How often does she have her costumes dry cleaned?
3. How many backup costumes does she have total?
4. How does she decide which songs to perform and routines to choreograph?
5. Is Blue Ivy backtage at every show? Mama Tina?
6. What percentage does she make off show commissions? For example, if she's selling T-shirts at $40-$55 a pop, what's her take home on that?
7. Does Terry Richardson get a piece of the action? Or did he get his cut off the top after the GQ photo shoot?
8. How does the beyhive know EVERYTHING about what goes on? Are they the real Illuminati?
9. What does she think about Les Twins having such a huge following?
10. How long does it take for stage setup and breakdown?
11. Is she ever scared that her flying harness apparatus is going to fail?
12. Is she concerned about piracy, considering there is so much concert footage on YouTube?
13. Once she finalizes her new album, is she going back out on tour?
14. Does she take B12 shots for energy?
15. Does she wear anything under those costumes other than dance tights/hose?
16. Does she fly home at night after every show on the U.S. tour?
17. Is there a rehearsal for every venue?
18. Where is Julius during performances?
19. Is Julius single? If so, I have a few women I could totally hook him up with.
20. Does cousin Angie still serve as her P.A.? I was looking for her and that red lip all night!
21. Has Matthew sat in at any of her shows?

I have PLENTY more where this came from, but these were the most burning, pertinent Qs. I also have lots of photos and video on my Instagram account if you want to see more of the action from the show, like this:

Have you attended The Mrs. Carter Show tour? How was your experience? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I REALLY wanted to go but I didn't make it happen and I'm bummed. I'm not a huge fan but I just KNOW she puts on a good show and I like artists who can entertain. She just looks like someone who would blow your mind at a concert!

  2. Confesh: I think I'm going to try and go to another show. Our seats were sucky and I told the hubby he HAS to experience this with me.

  3. LOL! My cousin is on vacation from Nigeria and she's going to the New York show! THAT serious. PS, your poor hubby! lol! My BF is NOT having it.

  4. I simply can't with you. But yes, I also want to know where is Julius during performances? And, does he have a woman (or man)?