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While I go gaga over a great pair of heels, I practically live in flats. I keep a pair at my desk to kick around in at the office, and I always have a pair in my car to drive in (never drive in heels. ever.). My sister, on the other hand, owns like two pairs--total. It's always so interesting to me people who can only function in heels. 
I am not that girl.

Here are some cute options that are work appropriate and still cute enough to wear out on an early afternoon date. 


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2 comments on "FLAT CHANCE"
  1. My feet hurt instantly when I see folks at the airport or at the mall...IN HEELS! Whyyyy! LOL.

  2. Every morning I leave with a pair of heels in my workbag. . . . and they never seem to make it on to my feet. Flats are my summer staples!