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I originally titled this post, "How to Wear: Camo {and not look like a complete idiot}." Because when it comes to camouflage as a fashion trend, it can sometimes go a bit too far. So instead of rocking a head-to-toe, full-on combat ensemble, let's ease into this look, shall we? Here, a break down of how to wear the camo trend to work and on the weekends!

Let's be clear: this is a pretty splurgy/indulgent post. And while I don't condone blowing your next paycheck to keep up with what's current in fashion today, I do think it's OK to drop a few $$ on one or two pieces that will last and can find its way into your wardrobe season in, season out.

For me, that splurge is a good denim vest and leather. . . anything! The vest above is from Rag & Bone. I'm the first to admit that when it comes to denim, I prefer quality over quantity, good stitching and sturdy hardware. Vests are great to throw over dresses and tees or layer under larger jackets, so they make a study staple for your closet. I also can't control myself when it comes to leather pants and skirts. The one above is vegan (PC fashion term for 'fake') and by 7 for All Mankind. They're super skiny, super glossy and the color is gorgeous (winning). Plus, leather finds its way onto the "it list" for major retailers every other fall/winter. So if you're not sure on whether or not to invest (vegan or real), I say go for it.

Are you planning to wear camo? The print or the color palette? Tell me how you plan to wear this look for fall/winter by leaving a comment below!

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2 comments on "HOW TO WEAR: CAMO {WORK vs. WEEKEND}"
  1. THAT DRESS! But I think you knew I'd be a sucker for pattern :)

  2. LOL @ PC term for fake! lol!