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Miu Miu Patent Leather Heels, via

I've never been one to shop on eBay. The thought of hovering, stalking and following an item for longer than 1 day, and then to have someone outbid you in the blink of an eye causes me major anxiety.

M A J O R.

But as for designer resale goes, I must say, Poshmark is where it's at. And, quite honestly, where the future of retail is going.

At first I wasn't sure how to use the platform, and Lord knows I didn't need another app on my phone draining the battery life. So a few weeks ago I decided to devote some hours to scouring the site and checking out the merch.

There's good stuff there, folks. Especially shoes.

Oh, the SHOES!

I'm talking Miu Miu pumps for $150-200. Vintage YSL for less than $300. Jimmy Choo peep-toes for $150. And it's super easy to filter to find items based upon your size, brand and pricing specs.

Now, it might give some of you a little sticker shock to see those prices. But here's the thing: good shoes are always worth the splurge. If there's one thing I hate, it's buying cheap shoes that look good and hurt your feet after an hour's wear, which typically end up collecting dust in your closet. My mama (and daddy, for that matter) taught me to invest in things like good shoes and handbags. You'll have them forever, and nothing's better than a fab vintage piece that you can sell for good money or hand down to a family member later in life.

Enough with the preaching. Here are some of my "likes" found on the site:

These Miu Mius WILL. BE. MINE.

Gucci Carmino Red Plum Snakeskin Pumps, via

Prada Sandal, via

Prada Patent Pumps, via

Saint Laurent Tribtoo Platform, via

Jimmy Choo Exotic Skin Pump, via

Now, before you run off with credit card in hand ready to make a purchase, here are some things to consider when buying designer/luxury resale items from Poshmark.

1. Always, always, always authenticate: Most designers will have a system in which you can determine the authenticity of their pieces. Louis Vuitton uses date codes on their bags. Saint Laurent uses an authenticity code on the insides of their shoes. Do your due diligence to educate yourself on how each label/brand authenticates its merchandise. And ask the seller if they can provide the original box with barcode (if available), receipt and dust bag.

2. Never, never, never buy "inspired" pieces: this means, in a nutshell, bootleg. And who wants to spend upwards of $100 on a fake shoe or bag? Not me.

3.  Understand European Sizing: Poshmark DOES NOT accept returns, so be clear about what size shoe you wear prior to purchase. And know that European labels often run small. For instance, I wear between a 9.5 and 10, which converts to a 39.5 and a 40 in Europe. However, I often have to purchase a size up to get the right fit, meaning I order a 40.5 (if available) or 41 (eek!). So even if the listing shows conversion in your standard "American" size, it's not a bad idea to go up a half or whole size. And to really be on the safe side, visit a higher end shoe store and try on different labels to figure it out. {Also, check out this handy shoe conversion chart on Zappos.com to see where you fall on the scale!}

4. Ask for photos. LOTS of photos: You want to be sure you know what you're getting. Having a photo of just the front of the shoe is not good enough. Have the seller take pics of the places where wear and tear hit hardest: the heel, back of the shoe and the soles. This can make the difference in your buying decision.

5. Barter like a shrewd business woman: Some buyers will list their prices as firm, which means absolutely no wiggle room on the price. But if a listing is sitting out longer than expected (meaning no one has snatched it up since it first appeared on the site), then it might behoove you to negotiate. Example:  I recently negotiated a pair of Miu Miu pumps from $190 to $165...and she's paying for my shipping. SCORE! Plus, it SO much easier to be a hard-nosed negotiator via the Internet vs. in person.

So there you have it. If you haven't already downloaded the Poshmark app, you should seriously hop to it. And don't forget to check out my closet while you're there! Happy shopping!

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  1. Snooty Poshmark does not offer an Android app. Lol

  2. Aww, man! See if you can register directly on the site: www.Poshmark.com

  3. i see you didnt put a link for those mui mui's. lol.

  4. I am an avid fan of designer collections but I hate to admit it but I couldn't afford to collect it. Thanks to the booming consignment and thrift stores I could proudly have it in my hands. I have already my high end designer collections without paying that much.