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how to clean your clarisonic v3

It's no secret that I am a card-carrying member of the Clarisonic cult. It's done wonders for my acne-prone oily skin. I've had it for almost a year and have turned just about everyone I know into cult members as well.

And as any good new convert, I used to RELIGIOUSLY change out the brush heads every 3 months per the directions. I mean, I even had an alert reminder set for iCal.

Yup, it was that serious.

But did you notice how I said USED TO? Thanks to a trip to the mall on a random Tuesday to pick up something totally non-skincare related, I stopped by my fave skincare counter at Neiman Marcus for a quick chat with my beauty guru (no names to be mentioned in order to protect the innocent, because after all, it's her job to sell these things!) and she put me up on some serious game. She asked:

"Why do you need to buy a brush every three months? That's how they keep you coming back and taking your money--by convincing you to change out every quarter. Unless it's just gross and gnarly, you can use them as long as you'd like!" 

She then gave me that easy-to-follow recipe above. At first, I was a little skeptical. But after researching the disinfecting and cleaning properties of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and lemon, I'm now a believer! I currently keep two brushes at all time, a deep pore and an acne, based on how much my skin is acting up. But for the most part, no more buying additional brush heads for me until I absolutely need them!

Do you have any money saving beauty tips to share? Leave a comment for me below!

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  1. I used to have acne a few years ago, thankfully i grew out of it except for those few i get every once in a while. I heard of the amazing reviews for the Clarisonic so i decided to buy it and give it a try. The first wee i used it, it made me break out horribly. I stopped using it cause it sacred me.Did you experience that at first when you first got it? Do you have any advice or tips? I really would like to use it and get my moneys worth. Thank you so much1

  2. Hi Esperanza, and thanks for your email! I think with most new products you introduce into your daily regimen, there is an initial "shock" or "getting used to period" you should allot. For instance, whenever I get a facial, I can expect to see all the gunk and junk come to the surface of my skin within a couple days. But it's just what your body is doing to purge itself of the impurities.

    Go back to using it gradually. Instead 2x/day cleanings, try it every other day and see if that works best for you!

    Keep me posted on your progress!

  3. I wonder if I could substitute rubbing alcohol? I don't like using peroxide because of my propensity for not washing it off adequately and accidentally bleaching pillowcases and towels.

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! Mine has started to get a mildewy smell and it's not the brush which was recently replaced. It's the inside when I take the brush off that the smell is coming from. I'm definitely going to make this concoction and spray it on the inside :)

  5. Hi Stacey! Alcohol could work as well. My skin is really sensitive to astringents, so that's the only reason I hadn't used it. Thanks for your comment and suggestion!

  6. Girl! I noticed that funky smell in mine after using it initially as well! My sister hipped me to the game and said ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS clean the reservoir of the brush head after each use!

  7. Hi Kelsey! When you first mix the solution, give it a good shake. Since all the products in the solution are water soluble, they should stay mixed pretty well. But, it doesn't hurt to shake each time you use. Let me know if it works for you!

  8. thanks for sharing this, very helpful! love your blog!


  9. What cleanser do you use?