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You can tell a lot about a woman just by peeking inside her makeup bag. As for my personal beauty analysis: I'm a product junkie but minimalist at best. I like to have variety when it comes to what I use, but my look rarely changes. Case in point, you'll pretty much find the following things in my everyday makeup bag at all times:

  • light foundation with a bit of cheek glow (with the help of a highlighter)
  •  neutral eyeshadows
  • lengthening + thickening mascaras
  • lots of pink and red lip colors for creating a layered look
  • beige or buff nail polish
  • the neccesary tools for achievement it all (brushes + lip prep). 

What do you keep in your everyday makeup bag? What would someone say about you if they peeked inside? Leave a comment for me below!

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September 05

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6 comments on "MY MAKEUP BAG: WHAT'S IN IT"
  1. My makeup bag contains lip gloss + balm, cover girl queen collection foundation and mascara. I have to set boundaries for myself or else I'll carry my entire makeup collection in my bag!

  2. My everyday makeup bag is a little ridiculous. It has SOOO many products in it that it weighs my purse down :(

  3. My everyday makeup bagilooks like yours.. primer, blot powder, bronzer, blush, mascara, liners, lip balm, at least 5 lipstick/lip gloss/lip stain, sharpener, and neutral eyeshadow palette. can someone say makeup junkie??

  4. LOL.. My purse always feels like I'm carrying around at least 5 bricks

  5. Girl you are putting your pouf to good use as a makeup bag! :)