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hematite, GAP, kmart, africa, upcycle, vince camuto, target, vintage
So this outfit was a total fluke. After scrolling one too many DIY boards on Pinterest a few weeks back I got a wild hair to "upcycle" an old GAP denim jacket by cutting off the sleeves and collar and turning it into a vest. It didn't quite turn out how I wanted it...until I threw a belt on that sucker and made it a peplum top. 

S C O R E.

The houndstooth skirt is from Kmart and was the lovely price of $14 . . . which made my heart sing. And I'm sure you've seen these Vince Camuto caged booties on my blog a number of times. Yes, they are a favorite. And yes, you will see them many, many more times in the future. I'm a real girl and I believe in wearing my stuff.

hematite, GAP, kmart, africa, upcycle, vince camuto, target, vintage
As for the necklaces, the silver link is an oldie but goodie I purchased at Charlotte Russe about 5 years ago. And it still looks great to this day. The hematite necklace is from Africa and was a gift from my uncle on one of his many mining trips. To be honest, this was the first time it's been worn since he gave it to me last year.

I think I'll officially add it to the accessories rotation.

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