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Don't you hate it when something you've wanted for so long turns out to be something you shouldn't get? Case in point: this amazing skirt from Anthropologie. I remember seeing it on the Anthro IG some weeks back and VOWED to make it mine. I finally got a chance to try it on during their October birthday celebration (if you're not a member of the Anthro program, you should totes sign up) and was extremely saddened by the way it looked on me.

First of all: I've gained weight. A TON of weight in the last couple months. This dress is about 80% spandex, so my gut was not feeling it. At all.

Secondly: the awesome print doesn't span from front to back. It's only on the front part of the skirt.

Third: this skirt is $170. 

So you see my dilemma?

Have you ever loved a clothing item so much but had to let it go? Let me know your style sob story (#stylesobstory) below!

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