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Here's the scenario: you've stashed your favorite winter coat(s) in the back of your closet all season long. With the first gust of Autumn breeze, you're ready to pull it out for the cooler days ahead. Only thing is, it looks horrible. It's been mushed, trampled on, wrinkled and attacked by dust bunnies. So how do you get your coat in tip top condition between now and the first cold snap? Read on:

1. Look for visible wear and tear
Cut off any loose threads and have holes mended right away.

2. De-lint
Black coats are the worst offenders when it comes to attracting lint. Use a sticky roller, lint brush or electric fabric shaver to breathe new life into wool and cashmere garments.

3. Treat stains
Use a Tide pen to remove any dried up stains trapped deep in threads. (Always look at the care tags on garments to determine if you can use a stain treater or detergent!)

4. Hang On
Always hang coats on sturdy wooden hangers to retain shape. And consider storing in a garment bag to keep the dust away.

And if all else fails, take it to the dry cleaners. Most cleaners will handle coats for just a little more money than laundering nice shirts ($10-$15). It's a worthwhile and low-cost investment, as you'll only have to do it once a year!

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