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Because I so desperately need to lift, tone and burn, I'm asking Santa for a gift card toward class purchases at Pure Barre.

I've gained a significant amount of weight in the past few months and the thought of stepping foot in L.A. Fitness drives me to drink. I can't do solo workouts. I lack accountability. My ADD kicks in and I begin wandering around the gym and eventually find my way over to the juice bar where I purchase sugary drinks and Snickers. First of all, let's ask ourselves, why would a fitness club even sell Snickers? Because they are well-aware that weak-minded chocolate addicts like me will inevitably convince themselves they deserve it after a long work out, only to feel guilty 10 minutes later, hence continuing to pay the monthly gym membership as a way to silence inner demons. Vicious cycle, indeed.

But I digress.

I'm super excited to see that a Pure Barre studio has opened closer to my side of town! Now, I have officially no excuse to get in better shape in the new year! Plus, I'm 100% sure they don't sell snickers in the retail lobby.

But discounted Lululemon gear is just as tempting.

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