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Have you in stepped inside an Old Navy as of late? I have become OBSESSED with their Paris-inspired t-shirt collection. If you know me, then you know I have Paris on the brain at all times. I had a trip to Paris planned for this month that recently got postponed due to my 1000 irons in the fire, but I'm hoping to reschedule for early spring 2015. And when I do make it to the city of light, I promise not to wear this shirt out in the city during the day (it screams, "Hey, I'm a tourist! Rob me!), but my favorite "Three Ls" mug will most definitely find its way to a cute sidewalk cafe.

Have you checked out their line of Ts? Find them in-store and online, here.

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I love this closet. NO, I really love this closet. It's perfect for playing dress up or just luxuriating and taking in the wonderment that is your personal wardrobe.

And while it does not belong to me (iWish) it does belong to someone whose style I've envied since her days on MTV. It's the closet of designer and media powerhouse Lauren Conrad. This girl has been getting her magazine cover hustle on since announcing her engagement last year. She snagged the coveted position for Martha Stewart Weddings recently AND Us Weekly got first dibs into her wedding photos. Now her beautiful abode she shares with hubby William Tell is featured in the latest issue of InStyle Magazine.

Take a peek at her complete home tour HERE and get ready to oooh, aaaah and overall hate the fact that your closet is the size of a sardine can.

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Brains of the Outfit

Happy National Coffee Day! I've never been more excited about a first world observance than I am right now. Tons of my favorite coffee stop throughs are offering discounted, if not completely free, cups of coffee to celebrate. . . which is awesome! But today, I want to also want to hip you to a few of the health and beauty benefits of coffee. 

My good friend Elizabeth Adams is a Dermalogica Expert and one of the fab estheticians over at my fave Atlanta day spa, The Posh Spot, and she recently shared with me some ways to incorporate coffee into my daily beauty regimen!

(1.) Use as a Facial Mask -- According to Elizabeth, "when applied topically, caffeine from coffee grounds can reduce puffiness, redness and inflammation." 

(2.) Coffee Grounds can Alleviate Tired Eyes -- Again, caffeine is an all-natural agent for reducing puffiness and inflammation. Add a few grounds to your facial mask to cover up any signs of tired, weary eyes!

(3.) Slough Off Cellulite -- You can never have too many suggestions for getting rid of unsightly cellulite. Adding finely ground coffee beans to your body scrubs or favorite body lotions can help reduce the appearance of cellulite over time!

So there you have it, ladies! I'm definitely going to add a few coffee grounds to one of my homemade coconut oil scrubs. I can just smell the goodness now! 

Do you currently use coffee grounds in any of your beauty products/regimens? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Happy Saturday! I just returned from a weeklong work trip in Las Vegas and I can't believe how happy I am to be back home. The Mr. and I have been traveling like busy bees these past few weeks and it feels so good to look at my iCal and see nothing on the calendar. NOTHING!

I do, however, have a few errands to run today and tomorrow will use them as an opportunity to bust out my favorite Juicy Couture leopard print booties, oversize Marc Jacobs sunglasses and my "Chanel in the Shop" canvas tote. As a self-proclaimed bag lady, I've started to really take a shine to canvas totes vs. my usual handbags. I can throw in a water bottle, magazines, a makeup bag, snacks, etc, all while keeping things casual and cute (and eco-friendly!).

Just the way I like it.

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Can I just tell you...it's been a C-R-A-Z-Y few weeks. I've been pulled in a million directions working on existing projects, and a brand new labor of love project which, I can finally share!


Turn Up, Buttercup! Mug | CeliseDesigns.com
My childhood best friend and I have recently opened an online shop full of really cute lifestyle gifts such as mugs, canvas tote bags and (my favorite) wall art/prints. We finally launched our site a couple weeks back and now I can take a breather and share with you some of our offerings in
 the online shop!


#Werk Mug
Hello gorgeous! Mug

Instagram Celebrity Mug

Lipstick, Lattes & Lanvin Mug

Chanel in the Shop Tote

"Pretty Face" Print

"Awesome Is the New Black" Print

All gifts range between $13-$22, so there's a little something there for everyone! And for all my Brains of the Outfit readers, we're offering 10% off  + free shipping on your first order with promo code BOTO (applied at checkout). Be sure to spread the word and follow us on Instagram (@CeliseDesigns) to see all the behind-the-scenes goodness!



There's not one social media channel that I am O B S E S S E D with more than Instagram (sorry, Pinterest, but you're a close second!). For creatives like myself, it fuels you with crazy energy, ideas, concepts, projects and life lessons that you just want to take on and accomplish immediately! And there are a handful of brands and bloggers that I follow religiously. Take a look at my 6 favorite IG accounts:

 @TravelNoire: For curious travelers with a serious case of wanderlust, TravelNoire gives first person accounts of the best places to see, where to eat and what to do when jetsetting around the world!

 @BloggerStreetStyle:  A fan account of some of the best personal style bloggers and sites on the Web. Lots of visual inspiration for fashion lovers!

 @Parisinfourmonths:  Carin Olsson's digital diary of her life in Paris. I'm planning a trip to the City of Light soon and this IG account is my virtual tour guide.

@BlackGirlsWhoBlog: A fan site dedicated to connecting and introducing bloggers of color. It's great to see such a supportive and uplifting community!

 @TBoyAfficianado: Another "inspired by" IG account dedicated to spotlighting some of the best visual interpretations of the good life!

@TheNewPotato: Who doesn't love exquisitely captured food photos? Sisters Laura and Danielle Kosann do an amazing job posting photos of great food you'll want to try, and sprinkling in a great mix of fashion and lifestyle photos!

So those are my fave 6. Do you have a list of IG accounts I should be following? Let's chat by leaving a comment below!

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I'm still fiddling with the decor in our master bedroom. Over the weekend I made a stop in at Marshall's to see what's new on the shelves and immediately fell head over heels in love with this Mr. & Mrs. Pillow by Storehouse Furniture for only $14. Do you guys remember Storehouse Furniture? Well I sure do! Storehouse had the most amazing contemporary pieces at such good prices. There were a few locations here in Atlanta, but the company went out of business back in the early 00s. I'm not sure if they are still making inventory just for box stores like TJs and Marshall's, but I'm always so delighted to run across something from them and always feel the need to purchase.

Have you recently purchased something from Marshall's that you love? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Also, be sure to check out my line of prints, Whimsy By EWB, including the latest, "Life is Beautiful" print in the photo above!

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