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The end of the work week always calls for something celebratory. Here's what I'm cheersing to right now.

1. This blue wrap dress I grabbed at Banana Republic for $7. Scouring the sales racks pays off, folks!

2. A new velvet journal for my brilliant ideas. 

3. My DIY Sharpie pillows that turned out a million times better than anticipated.

4. Another steal from Banana Republic. The gold hardware on these round-toe pumps gives everyone something to stare at when I walk away ;)

5. A new handpiece from Jewelmint that I'm pretty sure gives me super powers. 

How are you celebrating Friday?

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1 comment on "GIRL {IT'S} FRIDAY"
  1. Hey Dana! I got the journal at Marshall's. Their stationery and journal section is amazing. Plus, you can find some really nice coffee table and cook books as well. Let me know if you find it!