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Beyonce Crest Versailles Tee | $40
I know the title of this post might sound a bit silly, but I'm here to tell you--there is definitely a science when it comes to buying T-shirts. In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing better than a soft, well-worn cotton tee that you can dress up or down. I've purchased quite a few in my day--some super cheap and some on the pricier side--and have learned a thing or two about what to look for when it comes to buying tees. Since t-shirts are great staples to keep in your closet at all times, investing in a good v-neck or scoop-neck is something that I always recommend. Here are some more tips on purchasing t-shirts that last.

1. Check the Fabric: I've stopped purchasing 100% cotton tees because the wear and tear from washing and frequent wearing can leave you a holey mess. Try selecting tees with a  blend, preferably with another soft yet durable material like jersey or rayon.

2. To Pima or Not to Pima: These are the highest quality cotton options available on the market. Supima = 100% Pima cotton made in the U.S.A, which can cost you a pretty penny. But, the great thing about this material is that it gets softer over time with wear!

3. Check the Seams: Most tip-top constructed T-shirts will have even seams and no loose threads.

5. How does it fit: Consider how the shirt fits in areas such as your neck, arms and waist. If it looks too boxy, throw it back on the shelf. You want your tee to cradle the curves and bends of your body.

6. White Tees {Thin vs. Opaque}: I adore a good thin t-shirt, but it's not always appropriate to wear in every occasion. Consider wearing thin tees as layering/base pieces, or, just say "the hell with it" and throw it on over a sexy bra to make a statement. Thicker, more opaque tees are best for wearing alone.

When was the last time you shopped for T-shirts? Will you consider these pointers next time you do? Leave a comment for me below!

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2 comments on "HOW TO SHOP FOR A T-SHIRT"
  1. I must admit I thought the title was interesting but some great pointers were given in this article especially the fit and fabric quality. I love a great t-shirt!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Saudi! IA good t-shirt makes all the difference. I'm a believer!