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How to Wear a Cropped Sweater to Work
Sweater TOPSHOP | White Top TARGET | Booties ZARA | Pants UNIQLO | Coat TARGET

If you haven't noticed, like 70% of the United States is an ice cap right now (Uh, #PolarVortex, anyone?). Which means those of us who are not particularly used to (or fond of) these drastic climate changes are scrambling for things to wear. And it's calling for some of us to get a little creative with our wardrobes. Well for me, at least. So remember that really cute cropped sweater you sported this fall? Yeah, you know the one that you threw on even when it was way above 60 degrees in October? Well pull it back out, because you can make good use of it this time around.

I'm taking a cue from Clueless and throwing on a crisp white button-down underneath my midriff-barring top and adding three more classics to the mix: a pointy-toe bootie, a slimming pair of ponte pants, and a classic trench coat. This way my "But, wait... I really am an adult," look won't get as many stares when I walk into my meetings.

As if.

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