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Photo via The Covetuer

Yup. You read that headline correctly. Our favorite real-life-celeb-whom-we-can't-disassociate-from-her-beloved-fictional-character, Sarah Jessica Parker, is launching a shoe line exclusively for Nordstrom (another fave) next month (Feb. 28th to be exact). And to be quiet honest, we will probably need mouth-to-mouth resuscitation upon entering the hallowed gates that is Nordies on launch day.

The shoe collection will range between $195 to $485, with handbags to boot, ($375 and under)! In other words, start saving your coins. Too bad we don't live in NYC, Miami, Seattle, Dallas or Chicago, because SJP is making personal appearances at stores in each of these cities. (No joke, I'm secretly trying to figure out how to scrape up ticket money for a flight to D-town.)

See more of the fab collection (and a crazy-cute video of SJP giving a sneak peek to Gayle King for O Magazine) over on The Coveteur!

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