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I stocked up on a few vintage goods at Salvage

{I could kick myself for leaving behind this cool buffalo skull print by designer Leela Robinson of Native Bear. Good things she's on Etsy!} 

And let's not even talk about these dope silver hot pants. D O P E.

Helped a friend with a closet edit of massive proportions. One of the most well-curated closets I have EVER seen.Well, not in this picture per se, but definitely IRL.

And yes...that is vintage Pucci you see right. there. #iDie

Cheered on a good friend as she ran her first half-marathon at Bridge Street in Huntsville, AL! 

After weeks of looking, I finally found a pair of perforated shooties. The ones below are Nine West and were scored on my weekly TJ Maxx run!

It's been such a busy few weeks for me. I apologize to all who have been looking for my daily blog posts. Life has gotten crazier since spring hit. More events, more dates on my calendar, more obligations with my job and volunteer activities...which has made me one tired chica. While I do appreciate you all coming to my blog, commenting and just sharing in my weird, crazy life, I think I'm going to scale back on how much I post. So expect to see BOTO 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) so that I can really concentrate on taking good photos and creating meaningful content!

But enough about me....how was your weekend?

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