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90s R&B

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 I've been listening to a lot of old school R&B girl groups. I'm talking the likes of Jade, Xscape, En Vouge and SWV. There's something about the sound of hip hop beats mixed with delicate vocals that always brings back fond memories of my adolescence. And the fashion from early 90s girls groups was just was amazing! Their style reflected what my older sister and her friends were wearing, as well as girls all across the country, sporting the best in mall fashions from Contempo Casuals, Express, The Body Shop, Units and more. And since everything comes full circle, I finally get a chance to indulge a bit. I was in middle school when most of these groups were out, so there was no way in you-know-where that my mom was allowing me to wear a midruff-baring, daisy duke getup).

But today is a different story.

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