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Running this blog for the past couple years has been an enjoyable, but sometimes challenging, experience. Especially in the "branding" department. I started Brains of the Outfit as a place to share my "style for less" tips and my bargain shopping finds. But within the past few months, I've started to take a huge interest in health and fitness and cooking. So I've been wrestling with the idea of re-branding my site. But here is where things get tricky.

Do you know how many "lifestyle" blogs there are on the Web? Millions. Literally, millions. So how do I get my site to stand out from the rest? Ultimately, it all comes down to the visual elements imparted in the blog's presence. Typography, color, texture, themes...these are all design terms that basically answer the question, "who are you and what is your blog about?" at first glance.

I've been doing a bit of research and fooled around with some design elements and this is my first attempt at rebranding:

And don't worry, I'm not changing my name. I just like alliterations and the way the "C" looks all fancy and dolled up.

Are you in the process of starting a blog, website, or looking to refresh and rebrand what you currently have? Let's chat about it below!

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