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There's not one social media channel that I am O B S E S S E D with more than Instagram (sorry, Pinterest, but you're a close second!). For creatives like myself, it fuels you with crazy energy, ideas, concepts, projects and life lessons that you just want to take on and accomplish immediately! And there are a handful of brands and bloggers that I follow religiously. Take a look at my 6 favorite IG accounts:

 @TravelNoire: For curious travelers with a serious case of wanderlust, TravelNoire gives first person accounts of the best places to see, where to eat and what to do when jetsetting around the world!

 @BloggerStreetStyle:  A fan account of some of the best personal style bloggers and sites on the Web. Lots of visual inspiration for fashion lovers!

 @Parisinfourmonths:  Carin Olsson's digital diary of her life in Paris. I'm planning a trip to the City of Light soon and this IG account is my virtual tour guide.

@BlackGirlsWhoBlog: A fan site dedicated to connecting and introducing bloggers of color. It's great to see such a supportive and uplifting community!

 @TBoyAfficianado: Another "inspired by" IG account dedicated to spotlighting some of the best visual interpretations of the good life!

@TheNewPotato: Who doesn't love exquisitely captured food photos? Sisters Laura and Danielle Kosann do an amazing job posting photos of great food you'll want to try, and sprinkling in a great mix of fashion and lifestyle photos!

So those are my fave 6. Do you have a list of IG accounts I should be following? Let's chat by leaving a comment below!

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