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When You've Abandoned Your Blog For Far Too Long . . .

Photo Courtesy of Christina Elyse
I started this blog three years ago as a way to celebrate my weight loss and all the fun I was having shopping & finding deals while living life in my svelte new body. And in 2015, adulthood happened.

I got a new job. A very DEMANDING new job. I stopped going out during the week. My standing gym appointments took a backseat to late nights at my desk. I was missing in action at my favorite mani/pedi spot. Shopping was done out of necessity rather than my weekly therapy. And a "hopping" nightlife for me was a stroll through the Whole Foods hot bar after 8:00 p.m. I was in a deep funk and just didn't find enjoyment in the things I used to love. Needless to say, 2015 didn't end on a very high note for me. And the one thing I kept thinking I missed most was my blog. I really HATED the fact that I was neglecting my blog. It was my little spot on the Web where I could share my thoughts and musings, no matter how silly or frivolous they were.

As the second week of 2016 has rounded the corner,  I have decided to reinvest in my happiness and start spending more time at my second home -- the blog. I'm currently in the process of rebranding (God, I hate that word) my blog. I've become quite the little homemaker and I find writing about cooking good food is just as satisfying as sharing my score of a DVF dress in TJ Maxx with a red sticker. And lastly, I'm learning to embrace my mid-30s, which means I am much less tolerant for the BS and less apologetic for being so, and wish to pass on some of this hard-learned wisdom with others. So maybe something a bit more lifestyle-focused (another term that makes me want to give a deep eyeroll) with my real life mixed in.

So please bear with me as I search for the perfect balance for all these ideas and thoughts and feelings and experiences and try to present them to you without sounding like a total crazy person.

May 2016 be the year that you find it . . . whatever IT is.